Keep up the motivation with corporate office interiors


Interior designing is not just limited to decking up houses to make them look attractive but the industry has now expanded to designing commercial spaces for better outlook. Commercial interior design originated with the need to design spaces and ensure better work environment, to define company policies and to keep up with the international interior designing trends. In India, big business houses to start-ups, everyone is up for an off-beat idea that can reflect their work policy. Few trends that are doing well are the need for motivational backdrops and entrances, fuss free furniture setting and space for movement.

Motivational backgrounds:

Motivational back drops and entrances are a hit in office interiors. From wall drawings of inspirational leaders to motivation quotes against plain colored walls to three dimensional wall papers to rustic old world school interiors and the like, all of them are what corporate offices have streamlined for their corporate office interiors. A motivational background has a great influence on the employees, keeps their interest in work as well as maintains the mood swings. This aspect is very important for business houses that work on creative thinking say advertisement companies and social media marketing companies as they need inspiration around. Such things at work could also be taken up in the form of wall paintings, clocks and boards.

Minimal furniture:

Another excellent trend in commercial interior design is keeping the furniture minimum. Just what all is needed should be places with extra storage space to keep offices fuss free. The more crowded it feels, the less attractive the work space becomes. At office work spaces, the wall inspirations are busy patterns and the furniture is just put up to lend the comfort factor for the employees. From dedicated discussion rooms to main work areas as well as reception counters at business houses have just enough furniture to allow for comfort and work on de-clutter look.

Ease of movement:

The commercial spaces would not be a success unless they provide for ease of movement both for employees and the work. This aspect covers the structure of seating spaces in offices, the designing of cabins, the transparent flow of work created through spaces, nearness to coffee and tea counters, the exchange of documents at comfortable seating and the like. The spaces should be designed keeping all the above things in mind. Office interior design requires a lot of effort in this aspect and it is recommended to check twice with the interior designer before approving the design of the work space.


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