Factors to consider for Residential Interior Design

residential interior design

Every time you have to go for interior designing of home or office you have to consider different interior designing options. There are several factors that one must keep in mind before starting with the Residential Interior Design. Not everyone can afford an interior decorator and designer for stylizing the home. If you’re going to stylize your home on your own, a thorough knowledge of these factors will help you design better.

Factors of consideration for Residential Interior Design

The first thing before you start with your house interior design is deciding who will be using the room or what will it be ordinarily used for in the future.

If a room has to be used only by the adults then it must have more fragile, elegant and exotic objects. Use of a light colored carpet or silk would be helpful in enhancing the beauty of the room.

If the room has to be used by the kids of the house then it should have more vibrant and playful designs and fabrics. There should be a little more empty space than the usual so as to allow free movement for your kids. You can even keep stylish chairs where your kids can sit and relax.

Decor of living room should also be vibrant. It is usually the place where people sit and relax. You can use relaxing colors such as blue and yellow. However, strictly avoid use of strong tones such as red as it is too powerful to convey comfort.

The Residential Interior Design should facilitate easy movement throughout the room. Make sure that it doesn’t feel like a hallway. You can achieve this by designing the kitchen in triangular shape. Key applications and sites such as sink, fridge and stove must be arranged in the shape of a triangle. This will reduce the unnecessary walking required to reach them.

Interior Design Ideas for Home Décor

Decide the color for each room when starting with the house interior design. Color is an important criterion. The color of every room should depend on the purpose that room has to serve. Some people like different themes for different rooms while there are some who keep a consistent room all through the house interior design.

Cut down the clutter. Make sure that there is no unwanted and waste lying in any of the rooms. In case there is any, remove it in the first instance only.

Position the shelves higher up the walls. This makes the room look more spacious and attractive.

Think about the space both vertically and horizontally so as to make the rooms look spacious.

Use attractive furniture that goes well with the colors and the patterns of the rooms.


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