Change the look of your residential interior design

There are some really important things that you need to consider when you plan to work on your corporate office interiors. In today’s era, these things actually have a direct impact on your productivity and work performance. If the office design is not right, it can hamper your working spirit and make you unproductive. Thus, hiring a corporate office interior decorator is a wise investment.

The first and the key requirement for an office room décor is the placement of the work table. Your work table is the place where you’ll be spending a major chunk of your day when in office. Thus, you must strictly avoid putting too many things on the desk. You can place a few writing tools and a family photo if needed. In order to accommodate the other things, you must have a cabinet or a drawer in the same work table. Secondly, never place your work table facing the wall. This happens to give out a narrow impression of the room.

home design by interiopr design firmin Mumbai Nitido

Avoid the placement of bookcases or the cabinets just near the door. This can restrict the opening of the door and may lead to inconvenience in the long run. You can either place the bookcases on the left or behind the desk.

Next, take a note of the lighting in the room. The interior decorators in Mumbai lay a strict attention on this factor. Adequate lighting is necessary to support a comfortable and healthy work environment.  You can also keep the windows open to allow the sunlight to enter the room. So, placement of office desk in the direction of the light rays is a good choice.

For the proper lighting of the room, color selection too plays a crucial role. Do not go on using too many dark or bright colors. Use of subtle colors like white, yellow, green and blue is suggested.

Lastly, get some ornamental plants for your room. This can not only give you fresh air but also add life to the dull room. Plant leaves also work best to absorb the noise around. The best plants for the office space are the ones with thick canopy leaves. Take note that the plants you buy for your office space should be of medium or small height and must demand little or zero maintenance.

Hopefully, these tips will help you do the décor of your office space better. You can easily get hold of a good designer in Mumbai who’ll be keen to do the office or residential interior design for you.


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