The basic tenets of residential interior design

The world has seen a mammoth change in building concepts everywhere. Formerly when a building was built and designed it was only the structure and layout that was given importance but today a sea of change has taken over this practice. The arrangement of furniture, the strategic placing of windows, doors, screens, the design of ceilings, the lighting, color and texture of the walls- all combine to create a soothing ambiance, which is what is called interior designing.


When it comes to interior designing there are basically two kinds, one being residential and the other for offices or commercial spaces. The major aspects a residential interior design incorporates are:

Unity and harmony – every room should have some relation with others which can be accomplished through a common theme. The colors and design should work together to create a unified appeal

Balance – arranging the things in a room like furniture and wall displays that create a sense of balance within the room and home

Focal point – highlighting a particular place within a room that needs attention. This may be natural like a big window with a great view or artificial like lighting

Rhythm – this is when there is a repetition or progression in a particular element

Details – paying attention to the tiniest details

Commercial interior designing is a major aspect of interior design. This entails the designing of commercial spaces like office interiors. With cutthroat competition all around, there is a great demand for office interior design. This is a big aspect of business since an attractive design is seen as an endorsement of a good office. The first impression is undoubtedly the best impression and through a viable and successful design, all offices aim to increase their popularity and trust element.  All designers specialize in various kinds of office designs and this is a fiercely competitive arena.

Mumbai is the financial or economic capital of the country and has a very wide array of commercial establishments. There are many interior design firms in Mumbai all vying with each other to provide the best. These firms have a team of specialists ranging from architects, engineers and even carpenters, masons and so on. They all work together to create a unified and impressive space both for offices as well as for homes. There are firms that cater to high end societies as well as those that cater to people from middle class backgrounds. With an apartment based living style it is indeed a challenge to make each home or office spectacular in its own special way.


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