Trends in corporate office interiors

As an adult we spend most of our time in our cubicle and we spend as much as time in office than we do at home. So it is important that our workplace has its appeal and a working environment is as important as the idea itself. If you want to sell your idea to an investor, then likewise you should work in a place that shows and tells it has life. Corporate office interiors are constantly changing with new technological advances, environmental concerns and space availability.

Nitido- office interior design

Now firms are looking toward designs that are simple, energy conservative, flexible and reflective of their corporate brand. One of the strategies and innovative method being used is the introduction of sustainable products like bamboo veneers which have more lifetime compared to its other substitutes, and use of terrazzo flooring with recycled glass pieces. Use of biodegradable materials in carpets as well as in furniture and paints will lead to substantial reductions in the release of pollutants in the office interiors. This has promoted the use of environment friendly recycled carpets and paints with low volumes of volatile organic compounds are becoming popular in the use of corporate office interiors.

Energy efficient corporate office interiors – Instead of using CFL or tube lights in the workplace many companies are now switching towards natural lighting so that it gives their employees a pleasant feel while working and is proven to increase employee efficiency. And natural lighting also imparts the building’s energy efficiency. This is the reason we see an increased number companies using solar panels, sky lights and tall windows in their corporate office interiors nowadays. Although the initial investment in terms of solar panels will be high, they are very beneficial in the long run.

Color choices by office interior designers in Mumbai – The next important thing is the visual appeal to the eyes, the color; can you imagine yourself sitting in front of a wall that is painted in fluorescent yellow for 8 hours? Choosing the right color directly affects the mood of the people. Spa-like or Zen –type environments are popular design themes, especially in traffic reception or waiting areas. Today’s office interior designers in Mumbai are including neutral and calming color combinations to strike a balance between the fast paced environment and the quality of life, which is now popularly known as the “work life balance”.

Carpet selection of residential interior designers in Mumbai – Apart from office, now people are showing keen interest in improving their homes too; now the use of carpet tiles has come back into play because of increase in technology and buying power of the consumers. These tiles typically consist of bonded carpet, the main advantage here is the damaged or worn out areas can be easily replaced without having to re-carpet the entire area. This one small change promoted by the residential interior designers in Mumbai is saving maintenance and investment cost in the long run and these types are suitable for both office interiors as well as homes.

Nitido design is a best interior designing firm for home and office interior in Mumbai.


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