Ideas for modern office design

In the process of planning the interior design of an office space, you have to be more practical than you can be creative. If your design ideas are not practical, the chances of the design being an uncomfortable one are high. However, creating practical designs should in no way mean that you cannot make an interesting office space. If you are aware about the technicalities of office design, you can be sure about applying the most viable ideas in a realistic manner. There are certain thumb rules that you should follow in the course of making your office a better place to work from.

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In the current times, it is seen that modern office design is always known to be casual and quirky. The use of colors and geometrical motifs has become a common idea to be applied in office spaces. However, in using flashy colors and patterns, it is important to remember that the design should not take away from the concentration of the staff. Colors should be positioned in such a way that they do not keep appearing in the viewing zone of the people that use the office. If you had to look at bright and flashy colors all the time, it would be impossible for you to focus on your work.

If you need your office to follow a theme in design, it is essential to make sure that you do not over-implement your ideas. Corporate office interior design can be designed to represent the ideologies of the business but the best way to do it is with the help of relief features. You can choose to keep the design simple and add elements of design as relief features. Maintaining a balance between simplicity and design helps in creating the most unique design idea to be used in a professional space.

The best interior designers are the ones that choose to understand the nature and style of work at the office that they design for. In the course of design for an office, it is highly important for the designer to be able to convey the idea of the business. The use of colors and motifs that reflect the business is one way to represent a venture in an efficient manner. You can also use word art and finishing materials that signify the positive aspects of the business.


The changing styles of office interior design

Office designing is an important dimension of office administration and office management. There are three aspects of office designing you should keep in mind. First of all, comes physical safety of the employees. The design of the office should be such that there should be no risk of accidents and physical injury of the employees. At the same time, there should be adequate provision of fire control and emergency exit during earthquakes. An engineer must be hired to ensure a robust building design without any kind of security risk. Needless to say, there are a few government prescribed standards of designs which every corporate building must follow in their designs.

Nitido- office interior design

The second important aspect of office interior design is ergonomics. Ergonomics refers to the arrangement and engineering of furniture and fixtures in such a way that the employees can use them in their regular posture and without causing any injury to their body. Nowadays, almost every leading furniture companies manufacture furniture which are designed ergonomically. Anyways, it is the duty of the office administrator to ensure the purchase of only those furniture which are ergonomically the best.

Thirdly, the design of the office interior must be aesthetically soothing to the eye. This is because an aesthetically designed surrounding boosts positive energy among the employees which is a very important requirement to work under stress. Aesthetics can be ensured with the help of use of colors inside the office. Usually, in corporate office interior design, the brand color of the company is used in decor. This is a very good practice as the exposure to the brand color induces a sense of attachment to the brand, which eventually gives rise to a feeling of belongingness among the employees. You can also enhance the degree of aesthetics of the office interior using lights. Nowadays, it is a rising trend among the corporate to increase the use of natural lighting. This is done by increasing the use of glasses as base material for office interior decor.

It is always advisable to hire one of the office interior designers in Mumbai for the job of corporate interior designing. This is because the professional interior designers are equipped with all the technical as well as functional knowledge of interior designing and would be able to implement your vision of design pragmatically. Needless to say, you would not face much difficulty in searching for a good interior designer in Mumbai. This is because there are a large number of interior designers offering services in Mumbai, with ample online presence. So, all you have to do is to search for the best interior designer of Mumbai in the online forums of interior designing. There would be several good Samaritans to give you genuine advice.


Trends in corporate office interiors

As an adult we spend most of our time in our cubicle and we spend as much as time in office than we do at home. So it is important that our workplace has its appeal and a working environment is as important as the idea itself. If you want to sell your idea to an investor, then likewise you should work in a place that shows and tells it has life. Corporate office interiors are constantly changing with new technological advances, environmental concerns and space availability.

Nitido- office interior design

Now firms are looking toward designs that are simple, energy conservative, flexible and reflective of their corporate brand. One of the strategies and innovative method being used is the introduction of sustainable products like bamboo veneers which have more lifetime compared to its other substitutes, and use of terrazzo flooring with recycled glass pieces. Use of biodegradable materials in carpets as well as in furniture and paints will lead to substantial reductions in the release of pollutants in the office interiors. This has promoted the use of environment friendly recycled carpets and paints with low volumes of volatile organic compounds are becoming popular in the use of corporate office interiors.

Energy efficient corporate office interiors – Instead of using CFL or tube lights in the workplace many companies are now switching towards natural lighting so that it gives their employees a pleasant feel while working and is proven to increase employee efficiency. And natural lighting also imparts the building’s energy efficiency. This is the reason we see an increased number companies using solar panels, sky lights and tall windows in their corporate office interiors nowadays. Although the initial investment in terms of solar panels will be high, they are very beneficial in the long run.

Color choices by office interior designers in Mumbai – The next important thing is the visual appeal to the eyes, the color; can you imagine yourself sitting in front of a wall that is painted in fluorescent yellow for 8 hours? Choosing the right color directly affects the mood of the people. Spa-like or Zen –type environments are popular design themes, especially in traffic reception or waiting areas. Today’s office interior designers in Mumbai are including neutral and calming color combinations to strike a balance between the fast paced environment and the quality of life, which is now popularly known as the “work life balance”.

Carpet selection of residential interior designers in Mumbai – Apart from office, now people are showing keen interest in improving their homes too; now the use of carpet tiles has come back into play because of increase in technology and buying power of the consumers. These tiles typically consist of bonded carpet, the main advantage here is the damaged or worn out areas can be easily replaced without having to re-carpet the entire area. This one small change promoted by the residential interior designers in Mumbai is saving maintenance and investment cost in the long run and these types are suitable for both office interiors as well as homes.

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Where can you find a designer to do your corporate office interiors?

Ever heard the concept of a home office? Tried it for yourself? Did it work? You know in this fast pace world of technology and deadlines, managing things is just not going to come easy. The hard part here is not deadlines and the work stress, the hard part really is juggling between home and office. Besides, the traffic and the pollution outside only make the things worse. In such a scenario most people tend to take their days off, switch on the laptop, turn on the internet and work from home. But the sad part is work from home doesn’t work most of time times. Why? Somehow, the reason behind the failure of the concept of work from home, in lives of few people is the interiors of the home. Home is the place where we sit, relax and unwind. When one suddenly transforms it into a workspace, things might just not work right. You just aren’t able to look your home as an office. What to do in such a scenario? Transform the interiors of the home office. Take note even though it your house, you are never taking help from residential interior designers in Mumbai for your home office.

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Transform the interiors of your home office with the help of office interior designers in Mumbai

  1. Firstly, you have to choose a section in the house, that you want to use as a home office. This section should have a separate entry and must be a little separate from the rest of the house.
  2. Second, now you have to get all the personal touch of a home away from it and rather give it an elegant, professional and sophisticated look. You can consult a professional office interior designer in Mumbai to do the job for you.
  3. Ensure that the furniture in the room is ergonomic since you have to sit there and work all day long.
  4. Keep separate chairs for your clients or visitors who visit you in the home office.
  5. Make sure that the lighting of the room is right. You don’t have to strain your eyes for working in the office.
  6. Install a bulletin board to keep tap of meetings.

Where can you find a designer to do your corporate office interiors?

  1. Ask some of your colleagues for referrals.
  2. Get in touch with your residential interior designer, he may have leads for someone who can do the corporate office interiors.
  3. Check the internet.
  4. Browse through the ads in newspapers.

What are the benefits of hiring office interior designers in Mumbai?

Are you in search for professional interior designers who can completely design your work or living place? Interior designers are expert in their jobs and ensure to provide you the best piece of advice which can help you rebuilt or renovate their homes/office places according to your wish.

How to find good residential interior designers in Mumbai?

  1. The person hiring an interior decorator should make an attempt to find out what has been the scope of the interior decorator and whether his experience in the relevant field will help them appropriately complete the specific project or not.
  2. Seek references of your friends and family to know about the interior decorators and thus find out if they are fit for the job or not.
  3. Ask for the quotations of the company to find out if these decorators are within your budget or not and can be approached for decorating your place.
  4. Inquire if the designers are available for your assistance and can give you time to discuss about the place and your expectations about it.

Nitido- office interior design

Benefits of hiring office interior designers in Mumbai

  1. Interior designers are knowledgeable and possess all the skills to adequately design the place. These professionals give the best in every project and design it using the latest methods.
  2. Professionals at work ensure that the expectation of client is met. Hence whenever he is appointed at work, he makes sure to list down the expectation of individuals and meet them while designing the place.
  3. Energy efficient offices can be easily achieved, as new and latest methods of technology are installed within the place.
  4. One can save substantial amount of time by appointing professionals at work, as they can carry out the work much speedily than others who do not have adequate knowledge in the field.
  5. They completely understand what is right for you and your place, and hence take steps to design it. Thus you can completely rely on the work of these professionals and expect to get the best piece of work done for your place.
  6. They are aware of different color combinations which can complement your office well and will also suit your requirements. So you can leave the choice of color on them and get the best kind of office place decorated for you.
  7. Professional interior designers are aware of the latest trends in corporate interiors and can advise you to incorporate the latest design and thus achieve exceptional corporate office interiors.

Common mistakes that occur when you DIY corporate office interiors

You and your staff may have already grown tired of looking at the same color and decorations that has been in your office for several years now. Or you and your team feel that a change in the corporate office interiors is what you need to attract and retain more customers or clients.


Whatever your reason is for wanting to change or improve the interior design of your office, you need to remember that this endeavor won’t be easy and it will entail incurring additional expenses. And if it is your first time (and your staff’s as well) to embark on an office interior designing project, you need to keep in mind and avoid the common mistakes that usually happens or comes when you tend to do the interior design of the office without interior decorators.

Not having a plan: You need to have a realistic and manageable plan that you and your staff will work with during this DIY project. This plan should include the estimated budget, what particular changes have to be made, what items need to be bought, which staff will be responsible for a specific task, etc. Having a definitive and workable plan will help you greatly in not going over the budget, in not getting the wrong items and prevent any delays in the completion of this project.

Not involving your staff in the planning stage: Since your staff will be helping you out with the whole interior designing project and they will be working and staying in your office for at least eight hours a day, five days a week, you need to get them involved in the planning stage and listen to the ideas that they share. They may want a particular color for the walls or their office desks and chairs to be arranged in a certain way. Listen and incorporate their ideas since they will be spending a lot of time in the office and you want them to be more efficient and productive while they are working.

Not using and incorporating your current office furniture in the new interior design: If some or most of your office furniture are in good working condition and not yet too shabby looking, why not have hire someone to work on getting them to look better? Wooden chairs and tables can be varnished or re-painted. Save your business some money by not immediately getting rid of your current furniture. You and your staff can work on making them look better so that they can add to the overall improved appeal of your office.

Not knowing when to get help: If you and your staff do not have any idea on even how to start working on the interior design of your office, swallow your pride and hire some expert office interior designers in Mumbai. Investing in your office interior is definitely worth it!

Deep-seated skills expected from interior decorators in Mumbai

Any job you opt for, demands multi-tasking and qualities that are not specific in nature. There are various aspects to be tackled in order to bloom out successfully. So no one-track minded individual is accepted or survives the extensively competitive work environment. These are skills that are not imbibed through any form of theoretical education, these are learnt with experience and some are also just natural instincts.

chembur 5

The job of an interior decorator in Mumbai runs along the same lines.

Employers these days are increasingly opting for interior decorators from Mumbai who are well equipped with computer-aided design software and the basics of architecture and engineering to ensure that their designs meet building safety codes.

In addition to possessing technical knowledge, interior designers must be creative, imaginative and persistent and must be able to communicate their ideas visually, verbally and in writing. Because tastes in style can change fairly quickly, designers need to be well read, open to new ideas and influences and quick to react to changing trends. Problem-solving skills and ability to work independently and under pressure are additional important traits. People in this field need self-discipline to start projects on their own, to budget their time and to meet deadlines and production schedules. Good business sense and sales ability also are important, especially for those who freelance or run their own business.

Interior design can enforce and strengthen your company brand as well. Your corporate office interiors speak a lot about what your business objectives are. So here is why they hold so much significance:

#1: Well-designed office spaces can increase employee morale and productivity.

#2: Office interior design should never be seen as an unimportant or unnecessary expense.

#4: As well as employees, it is likely that you will have clients and business partners visiting your office.

#5: The design of your office should reflect the nature of the business that you run.

#6: It is increasingly possible to have a sustainable office interior design that makes extensive use of renewable and environmentally friendly products.

Hopefully your corporate office interiors will be done soon enough now!

Likewise, you need to go for residential interior designs so that your home-sweet-home feels and emotes you. It needs to generate the aura that you feel stress-free in.

Residential interior designs also plays the key role in its functionality because even the largest house can lack space if having a poor interior design, while a tiny apartment can be transformed into a cosy one with enough space for just about everything with the right design and the use of a contemporary staircase. Hiring an interior designer is therefore, more than just a good idea while building a new house or remodelling the existing one.

You can look for more pictorial reasons to get your home to look and feel like never before!