Why Mumbai needs interior designers

When you choose to buy a house, it is important to involve a designer in the process of creating the interiors. While this is true for house buyers all across the country or world, it is particularly true for those that invest in homes in Mumbai. The way in which Mumbai homes are created is very different from anywhere else. There are certain factors that make it extremely important to ensure that the house is designed only with the help of an expert on board. Understanding of the factors that make it essential to hire a designer makes it easier to believe in the need.


One of the biggest reasons to make sure that you have interior designers working on your home is because of the climate in the city. Since the city is a coastal one, the air is moist and salty, which has adverse effects on the wall surfaces of homes and offices. When you use the services of experts, they will be able to guide you with the kind of materials and finishes that you can use to keep the moisture out of the walls and ceilings. Not only do designers create aesthetic spaces, they make sure that the spaces remain beautiful for longer.

Another major reason why it is important to take the help of an interior contractor in Mumbai is because of the space crunch. It is a well-known fact that you can get limited amount of space when you invest in home or office property in the city. While you get less space, you have to pay a high price as compared to property in other parts of the country. In order to be able to get complete value from your investment and full use of the space that you have, you should choose to take expert design advice.

Finally, you must know that Mumbai is a commercial city. The city is that base for numerous business conglomerated across the world. When you want to set up a business among such stalwarts, it is important that you pay attention to the design of your office. You should choose to hire interior decorators in Mumbai to make sure that you can match up to the world class standards of offices in the city. Your business is best represented when you choose to design your work space impressively.


Change your residential interior design to convert your home into an office

We are all past the age and time, when our home was used only for sleeping, eating, relaxing or spending some quality time with family. These days a number of small business owners or the freelance workers use their office space as a workplace. At home, one can work with peace and absolute comfort. The idea of using a section of the home as a home office has become really popular these days. Reason for this is that a home office can give you the right convenience and the comfort all at the same time. When you work from home, you no longer have to travel in that bustling traffic and killing heat outside.

Residential Interior designer in mumbai

So, how to start with the décor of the home office? The first and the most quintessential step in this is to change the residential interior design, in the manner that it now looks like an office. To begin with this, you can either do it all by yourself or you can look out for an interior designer to help you out. Post the re-décor the resultant outcome should not mean sacrificing the comfort of your home to make it look like an office.

When you begin with your office interior design, remember that just like the other section of your home, the home office too must have the right furniture. You should have substantial space to accommodate all your furniture as well as office essentials.

Secondly, the color scheme and the lighting that you opt for the space should be well thought of. Remember, it is your office space after all, hence the prime focus has to be on the efficiency and not just the visual appeal of the space.  You can definitely hire interior decorators in Mumbai to help you with the entire décor of the house.

Besides the furniture, office essentials and the furniture accessories, you can also place a few ornamental pieces to beautify the space. Together these things must amplify the beauty of the place. You can even add a bulletin board where you can put up the schedule for your meeting, your workflow or other essential details. Add charts or wallpapers that are motivating.

Take note that the furniture you add to your home office must be ergonomic. A comfortable sofa or few chairs to seat the clients who come to visit you can also be a good idea.

Use these tips and your home office will look great!

Change the look of your residential interior design

There are some really important things that you need to consider when you plan to work on your corporate office interiors. In today’s era, these things actually have a direct impact on your productivity and work performance. If the office design is not right, it can hamper your working spirit and make you unproductive. Thus, hiring a corporate office interior decorator is a wise investment.

The first and the key requirement for an office room décor is the placement of the work table. Your work table is the place where you’ll be spending a major chunk of your day when in office. Thus, you must strictly avoid putting too many things on the desk. You can place a few writing tools and a family photo if needed. In order to accommodate the other things, you must have a cabinet or a drawer in the same work table. Secondly, never place your work table facing the wall. This happens to give out a narrow impression of the room.

home design by interiopr design firmin Mumbai Nitido

Avoid the placement of bookcases or the cabinets just near the door. This can restrict the opening of the door and may lead to inconvenience in the long run. You can either place the bookcases on the left or behind the desk.

Next, take a note of the lighting in the room. The interior decorators in Mumbai lay a strict attention on this factor. Adequate lighting is necessary to support a comfortable and healthy work environment.  You can also keep the windows open to allow the sunlight to enter the room. So, placement of office desk in the direction of the light rays is a good choice.

For the proper lighting of the room, color selection too plays a crucial role. Do not go on using too many dark or bright colors. Use of subtle colors like white, yellow, green and blue is suggested.

Lastly, get some ornamental plants for your room. This can not only give you fresh air but also add life to the dull room. Plant leaves also work best to absorb the noise around. The best plants for the office space are the ones with thick canopy leaves. Take note that the plants you buy for your office space should be of medium or small height and must demand little or zero maintenance.

Hopefully, these tips will help you do the décor of your office space better. You can easily get hold of a good designer in Mumbai who’ll be keen to do the office or residential interior design for you.

Deep-seated skills expected from interior decorators in Mumbai

Any job you opt for, demands multi-tasking and qualities that are not specific in nature. There are various aspects to be tackled in order to bloom out successfully. So no one-track minded individual is accepted or survives the extensively competitive work environment. These are skills that are not imbibed through any form of theoretical education, these are learnt with experience and some are also just natural instincts.

chembur 5

The job of an interior decorator in Mumbai runs along the same lines.

Employers these days are increasingly opting for interior decorators from Mumbai who are well equipped with computer-aided design software and the basics of architecture and engineering to ensure that their designs meet building safety codes.

In addition to possessing technical knowledge, interior designers must be creative, imaginative and persistent and must be able to communicate their ideas visually, verbally and in writing. Because tastes in style can change fairly quickly, designers need to be well read, open to new ideas and influences and quick to react to changing trends. Problem-solving skills and ability to work independently and under pressure are additional important traits. People in this field need self-discipline to start projects on their own, to budget their time and to meet deadlines and production schedules. Good business sense and sales ability also are important, especially for those who freelance or run their own business.

Interior design can enforce and strengthen your company brand as well. Your corporate office interiors speak a lot about what your business objectives are. So here is why they hold so much significance:

#1: Well-designed office spaces can increase employee morale and productivity.

#2: Office interior design should never be seen as an unimportant or unnecessary expense.

#4: As well as employees, it is likely that you will have clients and business partners visiting your office.

#5: The design of your office should reflect the nature of the business that you run.

#6: It is increasingly possible to have a sustainable office interior design that makes extensive use of renewable and environmentally friendly products.

Hopefully your corporate office interiors will be done soon enough now!

Likewise, you need to go for residential interior designs so that your home-sweet-home feels and emotes you. It needs to generate the aura that you feel stress-free in.

Residential interior designs also plays the key role in its functionality because even the largest house can lack space if having a poor interior design, while a tiny apartment can be transformed into a cosy one with enough space for just about everything with the right design and the use of a contemporary staircase. Hiring an interior designer is therefore, more than just a good idea while building a new house or remodelling the existing one.

You can look for more pictorial reasons to get your home to look and feel like never before!

Interior decorators in Mumbai offer the finest designs

Are you wishing for a house that is attractive and high on design? If that is your requirement then you must focus on the architecture and interior. The trends have changed and the people want to possess a house that has an exclusive appearance. There is a silent competition that is prevailing in the Indian society which requires the possession of beautiful structures to impress friends and other known people. This has encouraged the market for professionals who are linked with the construction and designing field.

interior decorators

Who is the expert who can help to decorate a house in an excellent manner? An interior designer is a person who has the knowledge to frame the best interior ideas for homes and offices. They have the expertise which is utilised to the fullest for offering the finest interiors. There are a number of interior designers in India who are tagged as the best for their superb service. You can find various corporate as well as residential interior designers in different towns and cities across India. The interior decorators in Mumbai are famous for their large scale project-handling skills.

What makes an interior designer so special for decorating an area? The work of an interior designer is to analyse the area to be decorated and based on that he/she plans the various interior elements. They take care of the furniture, wall paint, carpets, flooring, carpets, wall hangings and other items which can be used to make the house look impressive. Their main job is to match the items in accordance with the architecture so that the area looks elegant. The residential interior design needs to be comfortable and cosy in order to portray a homely feel. Most of these designers possess a team of professionals who are capable of serving the clients in the best possible way. One can sit with these experts to share their ideas and discuss the plan after you hire them. There are several interior designers in India who have their own firms that possess a huge client list.

Where can we find an interior designer? There are different sources through which one can search for an expert in their town or city. The newspapers and magazines are the best source. There are different ads that can help you contact these experts. The internet is another way for searching an interior designer. Most of the designer firms have their own websites. You can hire these services to do your residential or corporate office interiors at a comfortable price.